EX-Girlfriend Shower Video

Very nice exgf shower video.  I just love a naked woman wet in the shower rubbing soap or oil all over her firm body.  You can tell watching this is probably the first time she’s been naked in front of a camera, but she enjoys every minute of it.  This relationship ended when after months of allowing the boyfriend to bring other girls into their sex life, the girlfriend asked to bring a guy in… that was it, end of story.
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43 Responses to EX-Girlfriend Shower Video
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  2. SMJ says:

    Wish we could see more

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  9. Tyler.S says:

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  10. TomL says:

    not for me….NEXT!!

  11. Manny.P says:

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  12. sdfd says:

    Dude looks like a lady, no thanks.

  13. sex.machine says:

    pass…. thats a WHOLE LOTTA woman, there.

  14. SlutLover says:

    I would love to flood that cave!!!!!

  15. BigB says:

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  33. Brett.J. says:

    Yo she didn’t post those pics, my buddy posted these for me, it’s my ex,dumb bitch has a kid now and that body is thrashed, dumb bitch threw her life away for some guy who left her alone with a newborn, sucks to be her

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